Complaints Handling Procedure

ARL has a complaints handling and monitoring processes that is designed to comply with the Australian Standard to ensure that any complaint is handled in a fair, efficient and appropriate manner.

Commitment & Resources:

We are committed to resolving complaints effectively and efficiently and will make the necessary resources available, in order to do


We guarantee the complaints handling process will always be undertaken fairly to all parties.  


The complaints handling process is well publicised within ARL and is available via this web site.  If you require more information about ARL’s commitment to resolving complaints or want to find out more about ARL’s complaints handling process please go to the Contact Us section on this website email or write to the Compliance Manager at the address below.


The complaints handling process is accessible to everyone and information on making and resolving a complaint is available, easy to understand and use.  If you want to lodge a complaint please go to the Contact Us section on this website email or  if you have a Privacy request of complaint or write to the Compliance Manager at the address below.

To be able to resolve your complaint we will need:

  • All your contact and identification details. This includes your full name, business and/or company name if applicable, phone and mobile number/s, email and postal addresses and your ARL reference number.
  • The details of your complaint. This includes the nature of your complaint, any other reference The outcome you are seeking. This will enable us to fairly and properly undertake an investigation of your compliant on your behalf to each a resolution that fair and reasonable.


If you require assistance to lodge a complaint, ARL staff will provide the necessary support in the formulation and lodgement of your complaint. Please go to the Contact Us section on this website.

Responsiveness & Accountability:

All complaints will be dealt with promptly and complainants will be treated courteously. ARL will advise you of the estimated response and resolution times for a complaint. Complaints resolution times will be monitored as part of ARL’s management reporting.


The ARL complaints handling process is free.

How to lodge a complaint:

If you would like to lodge a complaint please go to the Contact Us section on this website and complete the online Complaint Lodgement Form or write to the Compliance Manager at the address below:

Compliance Manager:

P.O. Box 14390

City Mail Centre Melbourne VIC 8001

Phone: 03 9320 0100

Fax: 03 9320 2302

Complaint Response time:  

If you submit your complaint online via the Complaint Lodgement Form you will receive an automated acknowledgment. Please do not respond to this acknowledgment.

If you submit your complaint by any other means, email, in writing or by fax  we will aim to send you an  acknowledgement of your complaint within 2 working days of when we receive your complaint.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement within five (5) working days please contact the relevant State office.

We aim to resolve your complaint within 20 working days but if the matter proves to be more complex we will advise you of a revised time frame.


The complaints handling process has the capacity and authority to resolve and implement remedies so it is important that you include the outcomes you are seeking.

Data Collection & Analysis:

All complaints and outcomes will be recorded. ARL maintains a complaints register and complaints will be classified and analysed for identification of any systematic and recurring problems.


The complaint handling process is regularly reviewed as part of the Quality Management System audit process to ensure it is efficient and delivering effective and fair outcomes in a timely manner.

Training & Education:

ARL staff training and education programs are regularly reviewed and upgraded to benefit from the findings and outcomes achieved in the complaints handling process with the aim of limiting the number of complaints.

Your rights and responsibilities:

  • You have the right to make a complaint and to have that complaint handled fairly.
  • You have a right to have your complaint handled in accordance with the principles of the Australian Standard: Complaints handling, ISO 10002-2006, which determines the manner in which ARL will deal with .your complaint. .
  • If you are dissatisfied with the result of the investigation or you feel the process was not fair to you, you can escalate this by writing to the Compliance Manager at the address above.
  • We will endeavour to do our best to resolve your complaint but if you are still dissatisfied, you can take your complaint to ASIC at  or by calling 1300 302 502 or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) at or by calling 1300 363 992 if your complaint relates to Privacy.

ARL’s obligations and rights

  • To use the complaints handling principles to resolve your complaint.
  • To resolve all complaints in a fair and equitable matter for both parties.
  • To take sufficient time to complete an investigation into your complaint and to keep you informed of the expected completion date or progress made.
  • To continuously improve our business and processes.