Gov Pac

Total 360° debt management solutions for government

General Collection Methods

Dedicated teams are established to action specific government portfolios.

ARL has developed a range of collection contact strategies, that can be combined and deployed to deal with all Customer Contact and Account Profiles, with approaches ranging from Courteous Customer Service, through to direct and decisive contacts requiring immediate response. These strategies are designed and deployed after careful planning and interaction with the relevant Government Agency to ensure all activities are fully compliant and in line with strategic objectives. Collection strategies include a combination of:

Phone Demands

Letters of Demand

SMS and Email Demands

Skip Tracing

Legal Proceedings

Payment Arrangement Monitoring

Streamlined Payment Direct Option

Comprehensive Payment Channels

Reporting and Analytical Capability

The key to collection success is the ability to recognise the presence of positive indicators on an account and to apply the appropriate resources to achieve payment in full. ARL uses a strategic approach to identify the positive characteristics of government portfolio placement, and combine this with the strength of the collection personnel to prioritise the workflow according to the account score and collectability.