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Field Services

ARL offers flexible and innovative field services through its subsidiary Statewide Mercantile Services Pty Ltd (Statewide); a full range of collection support processes, including extensive Field Services, Process Serving and Repossessions


In 1985 Statewide commenced operations in New South Wales. The company’s vision focused on meeting specific requirements of clients. As the business developed, so did the range of services offered to clients, and the company diversified to cover the full range of Field Recovery disciplines. Through a national network of offices located in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, Statewide has developed the infrastructure and technology that consistently meets client needs. Using the customised tracking software system “Agentrak”, Statewide provides both internal staff and clients with full visibility on the progress of the request.


Statewide clients include Legal Firms, Bank & Finance companies and Government Departments. In consultation with each client, commitments on communication and reporting are established and parameters are designed to measure the success of the partnership. The National network of offices allows Statewide to provide localised support to clients. Each office is linked to a centralised system database and web based applications.

Process Serving Services

Statewide Agents have the ability to serve any legal document on behalf of any client. Statewide monitors this process and ensures documents are served in a timely manner.

All calls are conducted by agents trained in enquiry and able to elicit factual information.

Field Services

Upon client authorisation, Commercial Agents attend the customer’s address and make every endeavour to interview your customer.