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Legal Representation and Support

Commencing in 2002, Forbes Dowling Lawyers have developed a reputation for accurate, expert advice and fast efficient legal service. Forbes Dowling Lawyers provide a cost effective, value for money service and pride themselves on achieving the best possible outcome for the client with the notion of commercial viability always a high priority.

Forbes Dowling Lawyers offices are located within the same premises as ARL creating an in-house set-up. This ensures that they are easily accessible to staff and management of ARL and clients. Forbes Dowling Lawyers are specialists in the areas of debt recovery. They act for all ARL clients across industry sectors such as Local Government, Government, Banking and Finance and Commercial.


  • Litigation
  • Acting in defended matters
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Bankruptcy/Winding up
  • Review and drafting of credit paperwork
  • Assessment of credit policy
  • Training
  • Interstate Actions and Enforcement of Judgments
  • Insolvency – acting for liquidators/trustees/creditors
  • Sale of land for councils and secured creditors