Our company

Highly motivated, experienced & professional


ARL has considerable exposure and proven management experience in dealing with Third Party At Fault Motor Vehicle and Property Claim Recoveries.  Since the company's inception, out depth of experience with various clients have given us the opportunity to develop and refine our service.  Over this period we have earned a respected reputation with numerous major insurers for successfully managing their debt recovery and legal requirements.

ARL’s proven experience in the key business areas relating to the General Insurance market that influence successful outcomes, including compliance; business process management, system architecture and application support.

ARL is committed to providing our clients with the optimal recovery solution and we believe the following elements result in successful outcomes:- 

  • Providing a total debt recovery solution inclusive of loss recovery, skip tracing, field calls, instalment collection and litigation.
  • Appointing highly trained, professional staff using effective telephone communication, negotiation and administration techniques to achieve the best results.
  • All ARL Account Managers are well equipped to action files, with all relevant details of the file and a claims management process and have a solid understanding of the types of loss incurred, handling quantum and liability issues and in doing so ensuring that the claims are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Use of debtor searching technology and location facilities to provide the most recent contact information.
  • Use of imaging technology for digital management of claim documentation
  • Reporting tailored to your requirements
  • Online, multi-user access to your accounts
  • Commitment to compliance ensuring all activities comply with all applicable legislation and industry guidelines and the General Insurance Code of Conduct.
  • Seamless litigation proceedings through our wholly owned subsidiary, Forbes Dowling Lawyers.
  • Efficient allocation of field call and process serving services through our network of in-house and accredited field agents.