ARL celebrates 16 years serving Australian private and government sectors

ARL Collect is celebrating 16 years of providing professional debt recovery services to the private and public sectors throughout Australia.
13 August 2019

Established in 2003, the company has continually grown organically, while also making a number of local acquisitions as it expanded. In 2018 ARL Collect was acquired by Panthera Finance Australia Pty Ltd. This new structure has given ARL a larger footprint in the Australian market, along with access to readily-available funds to manage its continued expansion and short-term demands of clients.

ARL’s executive team has extensive collection and receivables management experience across public and private sectors. It’s this specialist knowledge in numerous industries that has allowed ARL to create dedicated teams to service individual categories.

Experienced at serving government

One of the most successful is the dedicated public sector team that provides a unique service offering— GOVPAC It offers operational support to Local, Federal and State Government Departments and Agencies. The GOVPAC service encompasses the ARL Collect principles of Partnership, Alliance and Collaboration for Government.

Partnership: At strategic stages of the recovery cycle, ARL assists with critical services such as: reminder calls; letter campaigns; debt collection; phone text and integrated voice messaging (IVM); detailed performance reporting; field visits; new address location; legal services and employees training.

ARL’s focus is on implementing solutions that are ‘industry best practice’ and cater for diverse debt portfolios across all tiers of government. ARL takes a customised approach to each department’s needs, conducting in-depth program analysis and developing a tailored work plan for each portfolio.

Alliance: Strong and sustainable government finances are essential to the long-term health of the Federal, State and Local economies. Long-term financial objectives for government are to create stable economic environments with low borrowing costs in which business and consumer confidence can drive investment and employment growth. Short-term goals are to reduce spending whilst increasing cash collection with minimal complaints or adverse publicity. ARL assists government to meet these objectives.

By collecting overdue funds owed for land tax, payroll, council rates, infringements, toll fines and other taxes and charges, ARL plays a vital role for government and the broader community. The strong focus on Compliance and Quality ensures that safeguards are in place that provides a debt recovery service aligned to the sensitive nature of Government collections.

Collaboration: The success of GOVPAC is directly attributed to a proven operating philosophy based on key stakeholder collaboration. This collaboration enables the development of initiatives and customised solutions that exceed requirements and performance expectations. This close working relationship with government provides the ideal environment to share and transfer knowledge, enabling processes to evolve to maximum efficiency.

ARL Collect has a strong focus on Compliance and adherence to industry-related legislation and regulation. The public sector team understands that Government organisations operate within a very media-sensitive environment. Adopting a customer-centric approach is key to being a successful outsourcing partner within this sector.

ARL’s government clients include:

  • - Federal Government Agencies
  • - Public Housing Authorities
  • - Government Hospitals
  • - State Revenue Offices
  • - State Ambulance Services
  • - Metropolitan Fire Services
  • - Departments of Education and Training
  • - Workcover Authorities
  • - Metropolitan and Regional Water Boards
  • - State owned Electricity Companies
  • - Local Government—collects rates for more than 40 councils nationally.

Committed to excellent customer service

The Australian-based customer service team is staffed by locals. English is the first language of most team members, who are strongly supported by multilingual speakers when helping ESL customers.

The individual skills and technical resources harnessed by ARL provide a functionally rich, stable, and flexible receivables management service. As well as strong industry sector experience, ARL utilises leading-edge technologies and innovative collection strategies to support its outstanding service.

A digital offering with 24/7 self-service

ARL’s digital collections portal allows client’s customers to access their accounts anywhere at any time. This ‘paperless service’ gives customers the option to make payments via the portal without talking with any customer service personnel. The customers can even negotiate payment terms using the portal. Clients can also communicate with their customers via email or sms channels, after the customers have been legally notified of their payment obligation by mail.

ARL’s options for customers to either deal direct with customer service personnel or remotely via the portal, helps make it easier and faster to resolve payment issues and collect funds.

A humane approach to financial difficulty

ARL Collect has a people-first focus when it comes to collecting debt. The philosophy is simple—customers first, money second. The company aims to always manage financial difficulty with compassion. It works with customers to tailor a minimum settlement/agreement, in line with the customer’s objectives. ARL employees work with their customers to plan a payment solution to suit the customers' capacity to resolve the debt.

To learn more about ARL Collect and our approach to Receivables Management , please feel free to contact us today.