ARL Collect's professional development programs ensure high-quality service

Over its 16 year life, ARL Collect has built a strong reputation for the quality of its personnel and service levels.
01 October 2019

As Matt Gargrave, ARL Collect General Manager, says:

“There are three key reasons we deliver the high standard of service for which we are known:

  • - A heavy investment in ongoing training of all employees
  • - Locally-based customer service centres
  • - Owned by Panthera Finance Australia, one of the largest Australian debt recovery organisations with solid financial backing

We know from experience, the more empathetic and understanding our team can be, the better the outcome for our clients and the easier it is to resolve the account. Our training and coaching ensures that all employees receive the skills and practice required to perform their duties, motivating them to be both customer-centric and collections-driven.”

Industry-leading training for team members

The ARL Collect training program is industry-leading, developed by our dedicated Learning and Development team. It is structured to help all employees quickly develop and hone their interpersonal and collections Compliance skills.

Before commencing their role in customer service, team members must complete a series of training courses and demonstrate clear knowledge of Compliance regulations.

Our induction training program is compulsory for all new employees, during which they participate in an extensive onboarding and induction program. This includes face-to-face training, along with an eLearning library of mandatory compliance and regulatory learning with competency assessments. The onboarding program also includes peer-to-peer learning and on-the-job learning through coaching.

Experienced employees are provided learning and development opportunities in leadership skills ranging from coaching, teamwork, leading performance, management and feedback, all of which are part of a structured team-leader pathway.

To ensure that our team act with fairness, understanding and integrity in every situation, ARL Collect work closely with our community partner to constantly update our skills and help team members build resilience. We deliver a number of training programs available to all employees, such as “how to deal with difficult situations”, “working with vulnerable and hardship customers”, “addressing family violence”, and “strengthening resilience”.

Courses are continually being refreshed and refined, ensuring they remain up-to-date with compliance and regulatory changes and requirements.

Multilingual employees cater to Australian diversity

Given the diversity of the Australian culture and the large number of English-as-a-second-language residents, non-English language speakers are essential in any industry-leading debt collection agency. ARL Collect actively employs people who speak a second language and currently more than 30 languages are spoken by customer-service employees working throughout the ARL Collect network.

The company is also compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, as assessed by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Buddy Program promotes faster learning

One of the best ways ARL Collect helps our team members to feel comfortable in their roles is through a Buddy Program. This platform enables employees directly involved in collections to bridge skill-gaps between classroom training and real-life on-the-job experience. It also provides team members with the additional supervisory help required in their first few weeks of calling customers. Additionally, it ensures all employees have a complete understanding of Compliance and that they meet the expected call quality standards and are able to move up the learning curve faster.

The benefits of the Buddy Program include:

  • - Providing employees with the additional supervisory help required in their first few weeks of calling
  • - Helping new employees move up the learning curve faster
  • - Ensuring the employees moving out of training have a complete understanding of Compliance and meet the expected call quality standards

Ryan Butcher, Client Services Manager, says “The company’s professional development program is of such high-quality that we’ve become a low-risk option of choice for any organisation looking to outsource their debt collection, due to the quality of our employees, our locally-based customer service centres and the fact that we’re here for the long term.”

To learn more about ARL Collect and our approach to Receivables Management, please feel free to contact us today.