Boutique service, enterprise support

Since its inception in 2003, ARL Collect has continued to grow from strength to strength. But while the company has changed in size, it hasn’t changed its boutique service level.
06 November 2019

Ryan Butcher, Client Services Manager, says “The management team made a conscious decision to maintain the company’s boutique service culture. We established an agile team structure supported by a high-quality training and professional development program. This ensures we maintain consistent quality, standards, expertise and culture across the company. It means our clients get the same level of personal service regardless of which team they work with and whatever industry they work in. We provide boutique service but with enterprise-level support.

We offer an agile, yet personal service

Another benefit of the ARL Collect structure is the ability to move quickly to tailor specific teams to suit individual client problems, particularly those looking for a short-term solution. The training program means the company always has new talent available to manage growth, short-term demands, and staffing variations during team leave periods. The company also provides trained employees to work within client organisations as part of the client’s team if required.

The ARL Collect team moves much faster than competitors. So our clients get the best of both worlds when they work with us—an outsourced solution at ARL Collect secure premises, or a specialist team inside their office. They also enjoy highly personal service, delivered with the confidence of an enterprise-size organisation.” says Ryan.

Highly-trained team members ready to support our clients

As part of their training when working with new clients, all team members are educated in the culture of their client. Their training makes them fully aware of the client’s background, its corporate values, products and services. Collection teams work hand-in-hand with each client through all aspects of program operations including implementation, quality review and process improvement strategies. 

This helps ensure the team members understand and fulfil contractual obligations and service level agreement requirements. Being aligned with the client’s culture and having a strong knowledge of the client processes and procedures, helps the ARL team members make more informed decisions in real-time. This is just one way ARL Collect works towards delivery on its vision:

We aim to achieve positive outcomes by engaging with respect and integrity with the community, consumers, clients and our team.

A secure, enterprise-level of support

All data is securely stored in Australia, with no data being managed through international cloud-based servers. Given the backing it now enjoys from the Panthera Group, ARL Collect can easily fund and manage growth as it continues to take on new clients in the private and public sectors.

We’re pleased to have maintained some of the small personality traits of our origins as we’ve grown—even after being acquired by Panthera. It is a great foundation for our future direction” says Ryan.

To learn more about ARL Collect and our approach to Receivables Management, please feel free to contact us today.