Industry sectors we service

ARL has a number of long-standing relationships with clients across a range of industries, including but not limited to Banking and Finance, Utilities, Government, Telecommunications, Insurance and Commercial sectors. Our services can be tailored entirely to the needs of your business.

Banking and Finance

ARL has a number of long-standing relationships with the Banking and Finance sector across Australia, having established and maintained strong relationships with clients through our performance and service. We have a specialist division focused on the Banking and Finance sector, which manages a large volume of related products. This includes cards, personal and home loans, and transaction accounts, from both consumer and commercial customers both domestically and worldwide.


ARL has earned a strong reputation with organisations in the utilities sector for successfully managing their debt recovery requirements, with services that add value by improving business processes and results.

Our leading technology and analysis techniques determine appropriate collection strategies and maximise results for these consumer clients.


Water sector

ARL’s solutions work successfully as an extension of the water organisations' office, evidenced by our current relationships with both metropolitan and regional water companies across Australia. ARL has worked closely with these clients to establish processes that meet and exceed the minimum requirements set out in state-based legislation and regulation. With a solid understanding of the culture and customer service expectations water companies desire, along with strict compliance and training to ensure potential hardship cases or disputes are identified early in the collection process, ARL works in an efficient manner to protect your brand and enhance your customer interface.


Energy sector

With a strong track record partnering with a number of the largest energy companies in Australia, ARL has a sound understanding of the role of industry specific regulators at a state and federal level. Our specialist utilities division has regular training sessions on relevant industry topics such as recognising and dealing with hardship, engaging with the customer and negotiating successful payment arrangements.


Additional utilities sector services

Site visits – ARL has access to a team of field agents and can arrange for site visits to customers’ premises to conduct interviews, identify possible hardship cases, engage the customer at an earlier stage in the process and where required, fit water restrictors or deliver disconnection notices. This service is provided nationally.

Reminder call/letter campaigns - ARL conducts first party campaigns to improve cash flow at an earlier stage in the collection cycle. Due to employing the latest in predictive dialler technology, ARL can service very high volumes of accounts quickly and efficiently with impressive reporting capabilities. All results can be provided to clients in a format that ensures easy upload into their system.

Disconnection Campaigns – ARL conduct these campaigns on ‘active’ debt for energy clients prior to disconnection of a customers’ service.



ARL has a specialist collection team for the telecommunication industry.

Since ARL’s inception, we have been helping communications companies streamline internal processes, reduce customer churn, cut costs, focus on service, and collect their unpaid accounts. ARL provides first and third-party collection services to the telecommunications industry across Australia.


Since the company's inception, our depth of experience with various clients in this industry has given us the opportunity to develop and refine our service offering to this sector.

ARL has considerable exposure and proven management experience in dealing with Third Party at Fault Motor Vehicle and Property Claim Recoveries, enabling us to earn a respected reputation with numerous major insurers for successfully managing their debt recovery and legal requirements.

ARL can provide a total debt recovery solution inclusive of loss recovery, skip tracing, field calls, instalment collection and litigation. Our specialist team are equipped to handle claims management, and quantum and liability issues, utilising customer searching technology and the allocation of field call and process serving with our accredited field agents if required. We also offer tailored reporting to your requirements and online, multi-user access to your accounts. ARL is committed to ensuring all activities comply with all applicable legislation and industry guidelines and the General Insurance Code of Conduct.


ARL is in a strong position to successfully collect commercial debt, with experienced personnel that has a real understanding and working knowledge of dealing with business related debt.

Our dedicated commercial team will try all avenues to get the debt paid prior to legal action, but if field and legal services are required, ARL is able to provide the full spectrum of services. Working closely with trusted and experienced third parties, ARL can provide field services and process serving for large commercial companies to small/medium sized enterprises, with a solution to maximise results for all.


ARL Collect Pty Ltd (ARL) is an industry leading provider of solutions in the receivables management sector with extensive Government relationships spanning Local, State and Federal Government Departments and Agencies.

With a strong focus on compliance and adherence to industry related legislation and regulation, ARL understands that Government organisations operate within a very sensitive environment and that a customer centric approach is key to being a successful outsourcing partner in this sector.


Strong and sustainable government finances are essential to the long-term health of the Federal, State and Local economies. Designed to enhance traditional government operating principles and practices, an alliance with ARL enables governments to reduce their operating costs and ensure that specialist knowledge and expertise is applied directly where it is needed. By collecting overdue funds owed for land tax, payroll, council rates, infringements, toll fines and other taxes and charges, ARL plays a vital role for government and the broader community. The strong focus on compliance and quality ensures that safeguards are in place that provides a debt recovery service aligned to the sensitive nature of Government collections.


Our tailored Government service offering is founded on a vast repository of debt management experience, years of government interaction, sophisticated technologies, quality and compliance, and operational scalability that meets government needs in an ever-changing environment. 


Long standing relationships are held with Government bodies such as:


  • State Revenue Office
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • State Ambulance Services
  • Metropolitan Fire Services
  • Departments of Education and Training
  • Workcover Authorities
  • Government Hospitals
  • Metropolitan and Regional Water Boards
  • State owned Electricity Companies


Local Government

With a responsive and flexible Local Government focused package, ARL continues to provide the Local Government industry in Australia with recoveries and support services that are fully compliant and auditable.


In conjunction with the Revenue Management Association (RMA) and the NSW Rating Professionals Inc (NSWRP), ARL has established a Development fund to support local government training and development initiatives. This fund sees a percentage of non-disbursement income derived from Local Government clients provided back to their respective industry association.


ARL has been appointed as a preferred supplier on the following Procurement Panels:


  • Procurement Australia – (Maps Group Limited)
  • MAV Procurement – (Unit of Municipal Association of Victoria) 
  • LGA Procurement – (Local Government Association of South Australia)
  • NSW LGP – (Local Government NSW Association)


Our services can be tailored entirely to the needs of your business. From first party collections and early intervention to meeting the needs of clients with both commercial and consumer receivables requirements, we endeavour to provide the best financial solutions for both our clients, and our customers.

First Party Collections

We offer our clients a true Account Receivables function with services tailored to first party collections and early intervention.

Outsourcing accounts earlier in the collection process or at internal peak workload times, ARL can act on behalf of your organisation initiating courtesy reminders, requesting payment, and conducting skip tracing, whilst advising of the likely outcomes should payment not be received; freeing up internal resources.

Third Party Collections

ARL’s knowledge, expertise and systems can be introduced to the receivables process at any stage of the credit to cash cycle of an account.

ARL can become an extension of our clients’ own resources, allowing the client to focus on core business functions and opportunities. Our focus on results, quality performance, and service delivery will provide efficient strategic and cost-effective solutions to some of a client’s toughest problems.

ARL conducts customised collection activity depending on industry sector and/or client requirements. Collection activity includes demand letters, telephone demands, Solicitor demand letters, SMS and email campaigns, field calls, skip tracing and undertaking the full legal process.

The ARL collection model has been developed around many years of experience and the founding principles of this company, and is supported by industry leading systems and technology.

Process Serving

Our licensed commercial agents have the ability to serve any legal document on behalf of any client.

ARL monitor this process and ensure documents are served within a timely manner. Updates of service and timeframes are provided to clients, with agents advising details such as: Confirmation of service addresses; Name, Age and Sex of person document was served upon and description of property, assets sighted including vehicle make/model/registration/value. All calls are conducted by agents trained in the art of enquiry, designed to elicit factual information, and prompt reporting is not only provided in writing, but also through our Client Portal.

The need to draw on licensed, experienced and proven agents is paramount for repossessions. Through our extensive network, repossession services are also available.

Field Services

Upon client authorisation, our licensed commercial agents will attend the customers address with every endeavour to interview your client.

All agents submit a written report, should the information be able to be obtained.

Legal Services

ARL works closely with trusted and experienced providers as servicing partners to deliver legal advice specifically on receivables management and on comprehensive commercial matters.

These specialist legal resources are linked with ARL’s Account Managers and ensure that client legal accounts are effectively and efficiently actioned. Our solicitors have developed a reputation for providing accurate, expert advice and a fast, efficient legal service.